HW reminder for 13/1/11 (By Eunice)


Here is the homework for the day:

-I&E: Get started on the Destination Imagination/Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's award
-Math: Print out notes(recommended) and read notes and do worksheet(BY next Friday)
-Science: Finish drawing the leaves for the worksheet
-Geography: Do more research on Plate Tectonics
-History: Complete the presentation by next lesson
-ADMT: (For people who have yet to complete their homework)Refer to the Google Site to get the task for the Idea Book and bring a toy for the next ADMT lesson.
-IPW: Complete the presentation we have done
-S2-08 HCL: There is homework, not sure what (only for people who are in Kang Yan's HCL Class)

**English textbooks are finally available in the school bookshop. Please purchase it as soon as possible. The cost of the textbook is $16.35, so please bring enough money to buy it.
**Math notes/homework can be accessed through the Google Site, so visit it often.
**Reference to previous point, ADMT homework too. 
**Congratulations to the people who are selected for EXCO! I would still be doing the homework reminder until the end of the week though, and Kang Yan would take over from there.

This HW Reminder service is brought to you by Eunice
(Disclaimer: If I happen to forget to list down any other homework, please, PLEASE, add it in as a comment)
*If there are any enquiries, please contact me:)
MSN: looeunice@hotmail.com
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  1. Eunice, i appreciate u for all ur post which have helped me all these days...

  2. THANKS!!all these years actually(not days).

  3. thanks for all this months