HW reminder for 28/1/11

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bring CNY decoration stuff:
- Chinese calligraphy (Best)
- Old chinese decorations
- decorations made using Ang Pows
- hand drawn pictures (A4 size or bigger to paste on walls)
- Miscellaneous
By MONDAY (31/1/11)

Please post as comment on what you are going to bring by SUNDAY.

Here are the homework for today:

- Post your script on the english blog
- Audio record yourself for the newspaper report regarding any topic.
(Name it as: reg. no_208_Name_Newspaper report)

- Look through the notes do the examples
- Complete WS 2 and diagnostic paper given

- For Miss Lim class - WB pg 1-3
- Both classes - visit the blog, answer the questions and photobooth yourself reading the passage

- Finish up the WS given assignment 1,2 and 3 by this week
- Write a report regarding the case study question using Arial Font 12)

- Download the "01 Plate Tectonics" and complete it (might need to do the illustration part as well)

- Download task 4 of the idea book and complete it
- Update design journal

- Work on the DI/Tan Kah Kee young inventors award

- Finish the goal setting WS and let parents sign.

- Maths/ADMT homework can be found on the google site, please visit it often
- If I happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.
- Remember to bring $2 for class fund tomorrow (for those who haven't give to Ren Chang)
- Bring decorations to decorate class for the CNY competition.
- Complete the Superhero bunny art if you took part in it.
- Scroll down to choose the CNY designs

Thank You :)


  1. tommorow is saturday so class funds 'may not' be collected

  2. People whom have not given me class fun for WEEK 4: Chon Jun Hao and Aaron Sng. PLEASE bring it NEXT WEEK MONDAY, latest TUESDAY.

  3. I have bought a decoration that can be put on the class door, and I can do some of the below decoration too.

  4. I can fold paper cranes~

    Maybe we can string them up and use the cranes as 'streamers' to line the notice boards/window sills/whiteboard/anything corner in the class. How many would you like me to make? Please let me know asap, so that I can fold enough of them.

  5. i maybe bringing some small “福”s

  6. We don't need paper cranes. Paper cranes have nothing to do with CNY, so they aren't needed. LOL, thanks anyway