HW reminder for 16/2/11

Here are the homework for today:

- Do up the compo regarding the melancholy of Mr Tan


- Complete the complete the square WS

For Miss Lim's class
- Complete the WS about 孔子and Valentines' day hw

- Complete the dichotomous key WS

-Finish and Submit the practical WS
- Complete the Science WS Due Date: Tomorrow

- Download the "01 Plate Tectonics" and complete lesson 1
(Using the Video you took in the earth science lab,voiceover and create a tittle,narrate on
1)Convection Current
(The Purple Ink Experiment)

2)Structure of the Eart

-Do the sketching for the first 3 plate movements,take a picture and add it into the E-Journal
Due Date: Tomorrow

- Complete the fakebooking activity Due Date: Tomorrow

- Download task 6 of the idea book and complete it
- Update design journal
- Do final touchup on the Group Design
-Figure and discuss how u are going to build ur machine
- Research on materials and do the material list
- Sketch and then scan design into Design Journal

- Work on the DI/Tan Kah Kee young inventors award

-Do the IPW Site
(Roles,Rules,Team Name)

- Maths/ADMT homework can be found on the google site, please visit it often
- If I happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.
- Michelle, Jun Hao, Aaron please bring $2 for class fund (WEEK 6)

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