HW reminder for 21/2/11

Here are the homework for today:

- Print the compo regarding the melancholy of Mr Tan


- Complete the complete the square WS Due Date: Next Tuesday

For Miss Lim's class
- Finish 作业
- Learn spelling

For Mdm Yeo's class
- Learn 听写 tested on Tuesday
- Watch the show at 9.30 tonight
- Do the class blog activities

For Miss Ooi's class

- Complete the dichotomous key WS

- Complete the WS given Due Date: Thursday

- Complete both lesson 1 and 2 of E-Journal Due Date: Next Thursday

- Complete the page on usefulness ONLY Due Date: Tomorrow

- Update design journal Due Date: Week 9
- Complete the Idea book task 7 & 8

- Do final touchup on the Group Design
- Research on materials and do the material list
- Update design journal Due Date: Week 9

- Work on the DI/Tan Kah Kee young inventors award

-Do the IPW Site
(Roles,Rules,Team Name)

- Maths/ADMT homework can be found on the google site, please visit it often
- If I happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.

Upcoming Events:
- Science test (Tomorrow; refer to google site for topics tested)
- Maths test (Tomorrow; tested on quadratics)
- Chinese test (Week 9)
- History test (Week 10; tested on usefulness)
- Geography test (Week 10; tested on drawings)
- I&E DI/Tan Kah Kee young inventors award (Week 10)
- Speech day (Week 10)
- ADMT mechanism test (Term 2 Week 2; tested on mechanisms)

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