Post 5: Mixed Notices

Dear 208,

1) Very very sorry to Kristin, Kang Yan, Michelle and Bing Jue for not bringing the file, these are the questions for TIER C, please do it on a piece of fullscap paper and submit it by tomorrow. Thank you.
Q5) Given that the roots of the equation 2x² - 6x - k = 0 differ by 5, find the value of k.

Q6) Find the value of k for which x² + 4x + (1 + k)² = 2kx has equal roots.

Q7) Given that the straight line y = 2x + k is a tangent to (i.e. it meets the ellipse at one point) the ellipse x² + y² = 9, find the possible values of k.

2) To 208, please submit Homework 2 by tomorrow as Mr Ingham wants to collect it, thank you.

3) To Kristin and Jun Hao, you will be presenting a keynote tomorrow but there nothing much to prepare actually :D, other detail will be given to you next time (Hint: TDD 2011).

JingHeng ((Your Maths Rep. (Again)) and (NE Comm Member (Again)))

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