HW for March holiday and E-learning

Hi, here are the homework for March holidays and E-learning (yet to come)

- Prepare debate on whether parents understand their children (google docs)
- E-learning --- Stated on the paper given out before school close (for those who do not have the WS, visit facebook class page)
(More homework for E-learning yet to come)

- Maths daily work 6D and WS 4 on indices
- E-learning --- (Yet to come)

- For Miss Lim's class --- Visit chinese blog. HW stated there.
- For Mdm Yeo's class --- Chinese compo
- For Miss Ooi's class --- ………………………………………...
- E-learning --- (Yet to come)

- Science Performance Task (Also meant for E-learning)

- Krakatoa case study (refer to Jing Heng if you do not have the video)
- Finish the car reflection for History Journal
- E-learning --- (Yet to come)

- Finish the WS on resistor
- E-learning --- (Yet to come)

- Project proposal and literature review
- E-learning --- (Yet to come)

- E-learning - (Yet to come)

If I happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.
Thank You!

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