Results of Class Tee/Jacket/Pullover/Others

Hello, I'm going to post up the results of the poll, on whether you would want a class tee, jacket, or pullover.

Class Jacket - 15 Votes
Class Tee - 14 Votes
Class Pullover - 9 Votes

Laptop Cover: 2 people suggested this.
Water Bottle: 2 people .. this
Cap/hat : 1 person .. this
Mug: 1 person .. this
Bag: 1 person .. this
Pencil Case: 1 person .. this

The votes for class tee and class jacket are really close.

Do you want to vote another time to choose between class tee and jacket? (Choose 1 only) I think we should, because there are people who voted for both in the voting last time.


  1. I'm not sure if other still want to vote another time..might think it's troublesome?

  2. Can we just decide between tee and jacket. U create poll los. Then inform Mr Koh after that to take action.