HW reminder for 1/4/11

(Note: everything here are true and not jokes)

Homework/things to hand in on the next schooling day:
- Complete the car reflection

Here are the homework so far:
- Daily encounter with situations which you avoid/approach.

For Miss Lim's class
- Learn spelling
- WB activity 5

For Mdm Yeo's class
- File Chinese file.

- Complete the table (include title, hypothesis etc) on a hardcopy book

- Do research on volcanoes and complete lesson 5 of E-Journal
- Research and look for pictures regarding Yunnan and Japan earthquake/tsunami

- Complete the car reflection

- Complete the drawings

- Find the definition of innovation and creativity and its differences to design

- Maths/ADMT homework can be found on the google site, please visit it often
- If I happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.

Upcoming Events:
- ADMT mechanism test (Term 2 Week 4; tested on mechanisms)
- Science test (Term 2 Week 4; tested on Photosynthesis)
- 作文测验 (Term 2 Week 4)
- Sports day Heats (5 & 7, 11 & 14 of April)
- Sports day (30 April)
- 华文 P1 考试 (Term 2 Week 8)
- 华文 P2 考试 (Term 2 Week 9)

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