HW reminder for 21/4/11 (Good Friday edition)

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Done BY: Kok Yin and Ren Chang

- Maths/ADMT homework can be found on the google site, please visit it often
- If happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.

Upcoming Events:
- Sports day (30 April)
- Polling Day (7 May)
- 华文 P1 考试 (Term 2 Week 7)
- 华文 P2 考试 (Term 2 Week 8)
- Maths Test (Term 2 Week 8)


  1. can type that out? very hard to see leh

  2. >Chicken Soup/Reflection
    >Math: Do set notation WS A&B (Found at the last few pages)
    >杨老师 Do summary writing
    黄老师 Paragraph 5, 6, 7 Summary
    >Science: Those with remarks, Re-do filing/ Do Logbook
    >History Journal: Differences & Similarities of Indus and Shang.

    (Comment if you have any enquiries)

  3. Please do the Geog journal Yunnan and Japan information. Must be four pages.