HW reminder for 27/7/11

Homework/things to hand in/bring on the next schooling day:
- Bring Calculator, Protractor, long ruler, Science folder (with the homework and worksheet given so far) for Science test
- Complete 1.1 and 1.2 of refraction WS

Here are the homework so far:
- Comment on the facebook oral picture discussion
- Complete the document found on google site (check EL blog)

For Miss Lim's class
- Visit the blog and post your thoughts

- Complete 1.1 and 1.2 of refraction WS

- Complete homework 9

- Insert pictures/videos on the factors affecting speed of river flow in lesson 9 of journal

- Twit on the Tang dynasty achievements

- Complete the first part of the journal: Research and ideation portion

- Think of the product, tagline and brand for business proposal

- Maths/ADMT homework can be found on the google site, please visit it often
- If I happen not to list down some of the homework, please add it as a comment.

Upcoming Events:
- Physics Test (Term 3 Week 5; 28/7/11)
- Chinese Performance Task (Term 3 Week 6)
- National Day (9 August)
- English Oral (Term 3 Week 8)
- Maths Viva (Term 3 Week 9)
- Geography Test (Term 3 Week 9)
- Austrailian - Annual Track and Field Meet (31 August)
-Teacher's Day (1 September)

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